The handsome young man took on three beauties!

A hot, steaming night that was full of sexual pleasures and orgasms

Upon entering Katie’s room, Hannah’s dark and shining eyes met Katie’s affectionate eyes. In an instant, the passion that had been brewing all afternoon exploded. Desire rushed into Katie’s heart. They opened their arms to hug each other at almost the same time and kissed without saying a word.

When Hannah was in high school, she accompanied her father to the United States to visit Katie’s house, and she became close friends with Katie. The last time they met was two years ago, when Hannah’s marriage hit rock bottom; depressed, she went to the United States to seek Katie’s consolation. At that time, Katie was also newly divorced, and the two of them felt sympathy for each other. On one occasion, they unexpectedly started an intimate relationship and became bisexual. Although they lived on two sides of the Atlantic Ocean, they never stopped thinking of each other.

The two often cheered each other by saying, “You should masturbate and please yourself!”

Hannah vividly remembered that, at the time, Katie’s face was lacking in radiance and energy. It was a little pale, and her expression was lifeless and slightly gloomy. But now she was refreshed, showing grace and self-confidence, which pleased Hannah very much.

Hannah recalled the past with mixed feelings, unable to contain her excitement, and threw Katie onto the bed. The two rolled on the bed, eagerly exploring each other’s bodies and removing each other’s clothes one article at a time, as if shedding the unsatisfactory past and celebrating today’s award.

Katie lay under Hannah and bit her shoulder teasingly. Hannah kissed Katie’s pink nipples, licking and sucking them.

Pleasure overtook Katie’s body, and she moaned. Aroused by lust, Katie broke away from Hannah’s sucking, turned over, and pressed Hannah underneath her. She pinned Hannah’s hands to the bed, sliding her body on top of Hannah like a snake, her mouth sealing Hannah’s lips, kissing her passionately.

She slowly moved her lips down and kissed Hannah’s neck, upper chest, and breasts. She then licked and bit her nipples with the tip of her tongue, sucking and nibbling. Hannah was also aroused and moaned.

Wanting to take the lead, Hannah broke away and lay on Katie’s right side. Before Katie could react, she reached out and caressed Katie’s pubic mound and thighs. Seeing the longing and joyful expression in Katie’s green eyes, she touched her private parts.

Katie’s private parts were soaked. Hannah immediately applied lube to her fingertip and rubbed it on Katie’s clitoris, careful not to hurt the soft skin with her nail.

Katie’s clitoris was very sensitive and easy to pleasure. When Hannah touched her, she couldn’t help but arch her body and groan. She grasped Hannah’s arm tightly, and when Hannah’s rubbing speed increased, her grip tightened.

“Oh! Stop—stop!” Katie grabbed Hannah’s hand.

Hannah knew Katie didn’t really want her to stop. Instead of stopping, she lowered her head and put Katie’s nipple in her mouth, sucking vigorously.

An intense electrical current sprang from the clitoris and the nipples and traveled to the limbs. Every nerve in Katie’s body was overtaken by pleasure, and an orgasm was brewing. Her eyes almost turned white, blurring her senses, and she shouted, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Keep going!” She squeezed Hannah’s arm tightly, as if afraid Hannah would let go.

In the blink of an eye, Katie yelled, her body trembling crazily, twisting, and climaxing, as if everything had disappeared.

“As the climax gradually ceased, Katie couldn’t help but exclaim, “Hannah! Oh God, it’s crazy!” She grabbed Hannah’s hand and prevented Hannah from continuing.

“The best is yet to come!” Hannah said mysteriously.

“What are you talking about?” Katie asked, exhausted.

“Jason is a gift I have prepared especially for you. I promise it will be a hundred times better than this. I will give it to you tonight!”

“Jason?” As soon as Katie heard the name, her eyes brightened.

“Yes! Jason! Do you like the idea?”

“I don’t just like it, I love it!” Katie had felt attracted to Jason at first sight.

“Let’s go find him!” said Hannah, pulling Katie up.

“Wait! Let me take a shower first and put on some perfume!” Katie said, grinning.

It turned out that when Hannah went to the States to seek Katie’s company, Katie had found a young man for her. Their friendship was so intimate that they could share everything, including sexual partners.

Hannah didn’t ask Jason for his consent. She was confident that he would welcome a beauty like Katie.

After showering and getting dressed, the two went to Jason’s room, full of joy.

When she came to Jason’s room, Hannah wanted to give him a surprise. She took out the key card and opened the door without knocking. She had registered for a double room, so she also had a card.

They were stunned when they entered the room. Jason and Amanda were naked and having passionate sex. Jason had his back toward them, and he was holding Amanda’s hips at the edge of the bed with both hands. Amanda clutched the bedsheet and spoke to Jason lustfully, and neither of them noticed Katie and Hannah’s entrance.

They watched in awe, becoming more and more sexually aroused. They took off their clothes and initiated the orgy.

Hannah hugged Jason and kissed him as soon as she got closer. Katie rubbed Jason’s back up and down with her breasts.

Jason was shocked at first. He smiled shyly and was a little embarrassed, but then he got really turned on. He grabbed Hannah with one hand and kissed her, the other hand still holding Amanda’s hips as he fucked her. Being able to have sex with three beautiful women—not to mention successful female entrepreneurs—was indescribable.

When Katie had moved down to Jason’s buttocks, she reached between his legs to massage Amanda’s clitoris. She kneaded slowly from slow to fast, intensifying Amanda’s excitement.

Amanda was pounded fiercely by Jason’s huge cock as her clitoris was intensely stimulated by Katie. The pleasure was all-consuming. She couldn’t stand it. “No—no more! Oh my God! I’m coming! I’m coming again!” After climaxing, she collapsed in exhaustion.

When Hannah saw that Amanda had reached orgasm, she pushed Katie onto the bed.

Katie lay on the bed with a puzzled look. Hannah held Jason’s big cock and thrust it into her pussy. The glans was wet and her pussy was soaked, so he penetrated her without any resistance.

Jason and Katie were surprised by the sudden move, but soon, Jason smiled and Katie burst into a charming smile.

Hannah pushed Jason’s hips forward and back. Jason knew just what to do—he pounded Katie with his big cock. Katie also knew what to do, raising her legs high in the air to welcome his advance.

Katie and Jason had observed each other closely throughout the day—especially Katie, who was particularly impressed by the young man’s majestic beauty. Having passionate sex with Jason was exactly what she wanted.

Amanda had recovered. She turned over and sat by Katie, raising Katie’s right leg with one hand and rubbing her breast with the other. She and Katie were good friends and always had fun together.

Hannah raised Katie’s other leg and rubbed her other breast in the same way.

Thrusting his buttocks, Jason grabbed Hannah’s and Amanda’s breasts with both hands, kneading them while fucking Katie. He felt like a god.

Katie let go of all reservations. She clenched the bedsheet with both hands, gritted her teeth, and frowned; her croaked groans were full of wild demands, her body twisted involuntarily, and she was ecstatic.

Jason bent down from time to time to kiss Hannah and Amanda, busily pleasuring the three women. Having three beauties at his disposal was the wildest dream he could ever have. He had never been so ecstatic and proud.

Katie couldn’t take it anymore. She peaked after a few screams and reached climax. The second orgasm also exhausted her.

Some studies have shown that women with high levels of education and a strong business sense are more likely to repress their sexual desire and do not easily reach orgasm. Once these restrictions are removed, however, they will climax sooner and with more intensity than the average person. It is true. The three women had continuous orgasms.

Jason had sex with Hannah all night long the night before, so he did not have a lot of semen. Consequently, his big cock was still erect and energetic. Amanda and Katie absolutely adored him.

He stood by the bed and looked at the three beauties. His cock was still bobbing, as if offering another round.

Amanda and Katie looked at Jason’s big, lively cock, and then they got up and pressed Hannah to the bed. They raised Hannah’s legs high and said, “Dear God, we give you this beauty. Please take her!”

Without saying a word, Jason thrust his penis instinctively into Hannah’s vagina. After the previous night, he knew her body well. (To be continued)

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